Why the spines of the alphates on coral are so special

Cedar Spin magazine has teamed up with Cedarex to release the world’s first ever catalog of the spiny algal species, which is now known as the spine.

The spines are made from the coral’s root-like structure.

The collection, titled Spine labeled, will be available for purchase on March 6. 

“This is one of the most exciting collections we’ve ever released,” said Cedreem Oates, editor of the magazine.

“The spine is the most important part of the coral and it is also one of its most unique and interesting. 

A spiny coral is a reef coral that has developed spines in the form of a corona.

These spines resemble a tube and they can hold water and help maintain the shape of the reef. 

This unique, intricate spiny structure is what allows coral to maintain a form that looks like it’s floating in the sea.” 

Spines are often mistaken for algae, but they are actually sponges, a group of organisms that includes corals and spongiform algae. 

The algal spine is a sponge-like growth, like a sponge on the surface of water, and it uses the corona to feed on nutrients and hold onto water. 

Cedareax’s catalog of spine-making organisms is part of an effort to bring together scientists and conservationists in order to bring science and the community together to find a cure for a global coral-cancer crisis. 

In the last five years, the disease has claimed the lives of more than 1,000 people worldwide.

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