How to spin a spin wheel at LeWes’ spin site

A man has taken his Spinwheel Co. spin site to the next level by spinning it at Lewes’ spinning company.

The Spinwheel is a self-serve machine, meaning the wheel spins itself when it is moved.

But the wheels have to be constantly turned to keep it spinning.

It can be found at LeWs spin site, LeWis’ spin studio, and on its Facebook page, where the owner shared a photo of the spinning wheel on its spinning machine.

The spinning wheel’s owner, Chris Loeffler, told ABC News that he decided to take his SpinWheel Co. spinning site to a whole new level when he noticed how the wheel would spin at night, which was not what he was looking for.

“I went down to the local store and bought a new wheel and installed a new light, I’ve got a new timer, I got a camera and it’s got all the buttons to turn the wheel, but I can’t do that at night,” he said.

Loeffers spin wheel has also been featured in the latest episode of “Inside Out” on ABC.

“We wanted to have something to show how the spin machine works,” Loeffeld told ABC.

“And to be honest, I really didn’t know what it was, I had never seen it before.”

So I asked if I could do a spin for a couple of days.

It was a great way to show the people what we can do.

“It was a huge undertaking and I was a little nervous but I thought I was going to fail because the wheels are not supposed to be spinning.”

LeWes spokesman Dan Loh told ABC that the company has received many inquiries about the spinning wheels and it has taken a lot of testing and feedback to come up with a better product.

“The spin machine has been a long-standing dream of ours and we are extremely proud to offer this unique service,” he told ABC’s “This Week”.

“This new product is truly revolutionary and we want to take it to the whole world.”

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