What you need to know about the Zika virus in the U.S.

More than 300,000 people in the United States have contracted the Zika infection, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

It is a record number of cases, but it is still far from widespread.

Many people have recovered.

A CDC report said this week that in the three weeks before the outbreak began, fewer than 100 cases of Zika had been diagnosed in the state.

The CDC says that the number of confirmed cases in the continental U.s. in the last week has dropped from 2,000 cases to about 500.

And according to Reuters, the number that have been confirmed in the rest of the country has also declined.

A new report says the outbreak is spreading through Mexico and has reached Brazil.

And it also says the Zika outbreak is affecting a broader swath of the world, with experts saying it could affect the U,S.

and elsewhere as well.

And that could mean that people from countries like the U., Brazil and elsewhere may have to start using condoms as soon as next week.

Here’s a rundown of the latest news.


WHO: U.N. says there’s more Zika than ever before and it’s spreading rapidly, though experts say the numbers are still low The World Health Organization says the world’s population has grown to more than 7.3 billion people and the number is expected to rise to about 9.2 billion by the end of the year.

That means more than half of the population has been infected with the Zika disease.

And the virus is spreading rapidly.

WHO chief Margaret Chan says the number and the speed at which it’s occurring have caused experts to believe the virus poses a global threat.

But Chan says that’s not true.

WHO says there have been at least 7,800 cases of the virus in Brazil and more than 500 cases in Mexico, and the agency is urging people to get tested for the virus.

But the virus has also infected at least 15,000 pregnant women in Brazil alone.

It’s also spread through a variety of forms of travel and through sexual contact, including kissing, touching or touching a pregnant woman’s genital area.

Chan says more cases are likely in coming days, because the virus moves so quickly.

“The number of new cases has increased significantly in Mexico,” she said in a statement.

“We expect the number to continue to increase in the coming days.”

WHO says it’s the world health agency’s highest estimate yet of the number, but says the real number could be as high as 9.6 million.

It says the latest case count of the Zika in the Americas has now surpassed the number for the United Kingdom, which recorded just over 2,800 new cases.

And in the Pacific region, experts say cases are on the rise.

Chan also says that cases are also on the way in the Middle East and Africa.

That’s partly because of the slow spread of the disease in those regions.

Chan told reporters in New York Thursday that there are about 2.2 million confirmed cases of virus in both North and South America, where the virus had been on a slow rise before the end-of-year rush in Brazil.

She said it has now reached 3 million cases in Brazil, 3.2 in South America and 2.7 in Africa.

Chan said the virus was being spread through mosquito bites and not through sexual activity.

The WHO says that in addition to spreading in Mexico and the rest on the continent, the virus also is spreading into other parts of the Pacific and the Caribbean.

There are currently about 1,400 cases in Puerto Rico and the U: Caribbean islands, and more cases in Venezuela and Brazil.

That is the highest number of recorded cases in a single country since the virus first appeared in Latin America in the early 2000s.


WHO warns of serious health impacts of Zika: ‘No one should travel in countries with large concentrations of cases of microcephaly’ A WHO report says there is a “significant” risk that the virus will cause microcemias in children, leading to stunted growth and brain damage in children and adults.

It also says it could lead to “serious complications” in infants and newborns, including high rates of microcephalus, a birth defect in which a child’s head or brain grows abnormally.

It said a child born with microcebola could be born with anencephaly, a condition in which the head or head and neck cannot fully expand.

The new report also warns that Zika-infected pregnant women may not be able to give birth safely.

The report says that pregnant women with Zika infection should avoid traveling to countries with high Zika counts, especially Brazil and the Philippines, which have the highest Zika infections in the world.

And pregnant women who work in the country should use condoms, and should not have unprotected sex or have sex with an infected partner, including if they are pregnant.


WHO to release report on Zika virus outbreak next week It’s important to remember that the outbreak has not reached the level

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