How can a pen spinning magazine become a best seller?

How can an issue of Spin Magazine become a must-have for every reader?

A cover image of a spinning wheel.

Source: Spin Magazine publisher Mark McFarland has been selling the issue, as well as an accompanying DVD, for the last four years.

It’s a bit like selling a pair of jeans that can only be bought on eBay, he says.

The magazine sells for about €5 each, with the option of selling a second copy for €10.

It costs about £5.

The magazines aim to educate people about the art of pen spinning and help people understand the benefits of their art.

Spin magazine has sold more than 1,500 copies in Ireland, where the cost of printing costs about $2.60 a page.

In the US, it has sold over 2,000 copies, while in the UK, it sold about 1,200.

But McFarall says the magazine has no intention of ever selling a print edition.

It was created by a group of friends who met through a newspaper and were inspired by the art form.

The two issues have a special section for spinning wheel cover art, featuring a rotating circular wheel.

It features the spinning wheel on the cover.

It also has a circular wheel on one side of the cover and a regular circular wheel and a rotating wheel on its other side.

The spin magazine cover art is a copy of the rotating circular wheels from the US magazine.

“When you see the spinning wheels on a spinning magazine cover, it’s very easy to see the art behind the art,” McFar, who works as a spin editor for the publication, said.

“In this particular magazine, the spinning circle is the spinning element.

McFarland says he has not been able to sell the magazine, but that it has become a big seller. “

I think a lot of people would recognise it as a spinning art piece.”

McFarland says he has not been able to sell the magazine, but that it has become a big seller.

“[There’s] a real interest in it,” he said.

The magazine has also been a huge success for Spin Magazine, he said, and it now has about 500 readers.

One of the magazines main selling points is that it teaches people how to use pen wheels.

He said Spin has never had a problem selling the magazines, although the issue was discontinued at the end of 2015.

McFall said Spin Magazine was designed to be a safe, fun and educational publication.

It has been in print since 2011 and has sold about 50,000 issues since that time.

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