How to buy a spinning reel for the price of a single $20 ticket at the Spinosad Festival

By AP Staff WriterLAWRENCE, Kan.

(AP) The annual Spinosado’s spin-off festival at Kansas City’s Ballpark was the first one since it was founded in 1984 and the first since the venue’s closure in 2018.

A spino’s is a small, circular metal spinning reel that is used to catch fish, and is often seen at spino festivals around the world.

This year, the Kansas City Spinosados will celebrate their 40th anniversary.

“It’s been a great experience to go to, a lot of memories have been made and a lot has changed,” Spinosada’s founder Mike LeBoeuf said.

LeBoeuuf said he and his wife, Jill, were shocked when they found out the festival would close in 2018 and the spinosada would be the last to hold its annual celebration.

The festival’s organizers, The Spinosades, will hold a benefit concert on Saturday.

“When we started, we said we’re going to keep doing this, so we’re not going to change any of that,” LeBueuf said after the show.

Leboeuf’s son, David, said the event is bittersweet for him, his father and many other Kansas City-area spinosados.

“We never really thought we were going to see spinosadas again,” he said.

The spinosads that started out as an event for the local fishing industry are now an event held by many different fishing communities.

Spinosadas started in 1984 as a family-run spin-of-the-year event and have become a tradition for fishing enthusiasts to come to Kansas City to fish.

They also have a number of local events.

Spinning, a term used to describe a catch of the fish, is one of the oldest, most traditional activities in fishing.

LeBuceu said the name is a tribute to a local fisherman who was the inspiration for the spino name.

LeBloeuf, a father of two daughters, said his wife had never been to a spino before and that it’s a great place to catch a fish.

“If you’re a fish lover, it’s the place to go,” LeBloef said.

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