How to get a car to drive itself

In a world of cars with a steering wheel, you might expect the driver to be the one who controls the steering.

But when it comes to a car without a steering column, that isn’t always the case.

In fact, most car drivers don’t even know it.

But what if there was a way to get your car to follow your commands without any intervention from you?

That’s exactly what researchers at the University of New South Wales and the University in Sydney have come up with.

In a paper published in the Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, they found that it’s possible to use the steering wheel to guide a car.

This could be used to provide autonomous driving in areas where the car is in a very difficult position, such as when approaching a busy intersection.

But that is the kind of situation you can expect to see in the future, when autonomous driving is more common.

In addition, there is a way of using the steering column to steer a car around a road, too.

“When you think about cars, there’s a lot of steering wheels, so you can imagine that the steering is a very important part,” lead researcher and PhD student, Andrew Clements, told Engadgets.

“You could use a steering rod to steer the car.

And you could use the wheel itself to steer.”

The team is currently working on making a steering-wheel-driven car, but the initial results are encouraging.

“It is still early days in the world of self-driving cars, but we’re very excited about this new concept,” Professor Clements said.

“What we’ve done here is demonstrate the feasibility of a car that is autonomous by using a steering system that is actually connected to a steering box.

And then it’s connected to sensors that detect a car’s position in the road, and then it will follow you around.”

This could lead to a future where cars that have steering wheels could drive themselves, even when in poor conditions.

“The main challenge with the steering box, is that we have a huge amount of data on steering.

You can see that it has a steering input and that’s not great for a car,” Professor Dolan said.

So the team is working to design a new steering-box-like device, which will be able to receive and interpret steering inputs from a driver.

“We want to be able that the input from the steering motor is actually sent to the steering input,” Professor Golan said, “and that’s what the steering-input device will do.”

The car will also have the capability to respond to the driver’s commands by changing the steering angle, turning the steering wheels or even turning the wheel on its own.

“In the future it will be possible to make a car able to drive in environments where there are steering systems that don’t always work, but there are cars out there that can drive,” Professor Eriksson said.

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