IBM Spin Off, Spin Wheel Online to Bring IBM Spinoffs into the Online World

IBM spun off its online research and development division, SpinWheel, earlier this month, and it will offer its own spinoff, SpinEdge, later this year.

SpinWheel was founded in 2006 by IBM and the Information Systems Technology Industry Council to bring its own research and technology to the online world.

The company has been working with the Information Technology Industry Corporation (ITIC), which runs the IT Council, to develop a new spinoff.

The spinoff will be called SpinEdge.

SpinEdge will bring IBM’s research and innovation expertise to the cloud and the open source cloud computing platform, which is widely used by startups, small businesses, and government organizations.

Spinwheel, which was acquired in 2018 by Microsoft, also has a focus on data centers, which are the fastest growing areas of IT.

Spin Edge will be a separate spinoff of SpinWheel that will be separate from the IBM spinoff and not part of IBM’s broader IT infrastructure business.

Spin-off technology will be shared with other IBM spinoffs and IBM will continue to support SpinEdge and spin-off partners with new technology and services.

Microsoft is also part of the Spin-Off Innovation Alliance.

IBM will not be the only company to offer spinoffs.

Amazon is planning to spin off its own cloud computing business.

The AWS cloud computing service is also separate from IBM spin-offs, though it is a separate company that will also continue to be part of Amazon.

The other companies participating in the Amazon spinoff include Salesforce, Microsoft, Google, and Netflix.

Microsoft’s spin-on, Amazon Cloud Platform, is a cloud-based platform for running data on the Azure cloud.

Amazon also plans to spinoff its own private cloud storage, the Amazon S3 storage service, that will eventually offer a service for customers that is based on the Amazon cloud.

Other companies participating include Amazon Web Services, Cisco Systems, Google Cloud, Facebook, IBM, Oracle, and Microsoft Azure.

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