How to make the best of a bad winter

As a winter visitor, I’ve been told that I should be out in the cold as much as possible this year.

And that’s great advice, but if you’ve got the means, the cold is not always the worst thing in the world.

So how do you get the best out of your summer?

I’m not sure that I’ve ever actually spent a winter without an ice skis, but I have my favourites to choose from.

Here are a few tips to help you make the most of this magical season: Wear a mask.

It may be the last winter in your life you can really enjoy wearing a mask, but it will be the best thing you do during this time.

And it’s worth it.

I don’t think it’s an option to wear a mask in every place you visit, and there are plenty of places to avoid the cold with a mask as well.

Don’t go in the car.

This is a no-brainer, but remember that winter is the coldest time of the year and it’s no fun to be in a car on a snowy day.

Don the gloves and gloves-off, and head out into the freezing cold, and you’re guaranteed to be comfortable.

Bring your own shovel.

While this is not something that you can just pop into the back of your car for free, it’s a good idea to bring your own.

If you don’t have one already, the shovel is a great tool for cutting snow and clearing roads.

And if you do have one, you’ll need to use it carefully.

Wear a hat, a jacket, and gloves to help keep you warm.

When it’s really cold, it can be very hard to see through a hat and gloves when it’s in the wind.

But in winter, the only way to get through a scarf is to take a hat off, and that means you’ll be getting hit by snow.

Bring a pair of gloves, and bring a hat as well, so you can be sure that you don.

Wear your favourite hat, and a scarf, and then get out there and enjoy the cold. 

This article originally appeared on Indie Life.

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