How to spin a $1.5 million reel to make $200,000 worth of money

The reel spins at 60 mph.

This is good for spinning an 8-inch by 12-inch piece of cardboard about a foot long.

But if you want to spin something a little bigger, like a 30-foot-long spinning reel, you’ll need to use an 8 by 14-inch board with a diameter of 15 feet.

There’s a reason these are the two best-selling spinning rods.

They have good strength and a low center of gravity, so they can be used to spin pretty much anything.

But you’ll probably have to do a little work to make this thing spin fast enough to catch up with your next movie.

The first thing you’ll want to do is make a hole in the board.

You can either drill holes in the sides, or you can drill holes into the sides of the board itself, like in the image below.

Once you’ve drilled a hole, you can insert a rod through the hole.

This will help the reel spin a bit more smoothly.

Drill a hole right into the board and you’re ready to go.

Next, you want the rod to rest on a flat surface that will allow you to lift the rod above the board so it spins the reel.

You’ll also want to make sure the rod is flat on the ground.

If you’re using a flat piece of wood that you can lay down and lift the reel, make sure it doesn’t go on top of your carpet.

When you put the reel into the reel holder, you need to make a small hole in each side of the reel so that the rod can rest on top.

If your reel is on the top of a box or something that will stick to the sides and make the reel impossible to lift, you may want to cut a hole for the reel in the bottom of the box.

Once the rod rests on top, you should be able to lift it off of the top shelf and start spinning.

You want to start at the bottom and work your way up, but this is the hardest part.

The reel holder is actually made from a pair of 1-inch-by-1-inch boards, with the bottom one a two-by to keep the rod from moving around.

This board is called the base board, and the board on the left side is the reel itself.

The board on that side has a flat bottom, so you’ll have to make your way around it and lift up the reel to get the reel spinning.

It may take some effort.

The next step is to drill holes through the top and bottom boards.

You’re probably going to need to drill the holes so the rod will rest on the board with the lowest diameter, but you’ll likely be able get away with it.

When it comes time to lift up your reel, use your hands to help the rod lift up and onto the reel base.

You don’t want to lift too much because you’ll end up with the rod stuck on the bottom, which will hurt your spinning.

Then you’ll push it all the way up the bottom board, making sure it’s level.

This process will take about 20 seconds, depending on how much of a breeze you’re having.

You should be good to go now.

When your reel spins, you will see a small light on the reel that indicates the reel is spinning at 60 degrees per second.

If the reel spins slower, you might see the light dimmer, and vice versa.

The faster the reel speeds up, the more speed it will have.

You also want your reel to spin slowly so you don’t hit it with the wall.

If it spins fast enough, you could wind up with a rod that’s stuck on top and spinning too fast.

The longer you can keep the reel moving, the faster it will spin.

If its spinning fast enough for you to stop, you’ve just made your reel spin at 60 percent of its rated speed.

You may need to add more weight to keep it moving at 60% of its speed.

Once it’s spinning at the correct speed, the reel should stop spinning.

If, however, the speed is too slow, the rod might spin up and hit you.

The problem with this method is that it will damage the reel or it might go on the floor.

So make sure you have some extra weights on the table, and if you do end up getting hit by the reel while spinning, it won’t hurt you.

But the bottom line is this: when you make your reel do more than 60 percent speed, you’re going to hurt yourself.

Now you can spin a reel with any diameter.

You might be tempted to use a rod you already have, but it’s going to be much harder to lift a rod to spin it with any size than it is to get a reel that can spin at any speed.

So if you’re making a reel for a family of four or more, it’s better to use one that’s at least 10 inches

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