The UK and the world’s greatest sporting event has an incredible twist

Sports are great fun, but they can also be very frustratingly hard to follow.

This article is the story of one of the world, arguably the greatest sporting events of all time, and how it has evolved from the days when the likes of Wimbledon, the Ryder Cup and the Olympics were considered the pinnacle of sporting achievement.

It’s hard to overstate the importance of Wimbo’s birth.

It’s one of those events where you’re never going to see anything quite like it again, with all the elements of its grandeur in place.

And it’s not just the fact that it’s on British soil.

Wimbo is a worldwide phenomenon, with fans all over the world flocking to see the event, which has grown exponentially in popularity in recent years.

The crowds have become so good that they are now one of sport’s biggest sporting events, attracting millions of people to the grounds.

And yet, the events’ success has not always been great.

When it comes to the Wimbo crowd, the answer is obvious.

It has a very passionate fanbase, and they love it.

That is why the BBC Sport staff spent an entire week compiling a dossier of the crowd’s most-loved moments, capturing the intensity of their love for Wimbo.

Here are 10 of the most memorable moments.


The final moments: On February 14, 1996, Wimbo took place in the Olympic Park, with the crowd roaring for the winner to win by a score of 11-10.

The crowd was so large, it would have been impossible for anyone to cover the entire ground.

But that didn’t stop the home crowd from getting on their knees and singing along to the song “Jolie” to the delight of the players, who were in the stands to watch. 

It was the start of a long, long love affair between the home and away fans, with Wimbo fans even performing a rendition of the song in the stadium. 


The second half: In 1997, the home fans made a big splash when they sang the words “I want to be your champion” before a thrilling match between the two teams, as the score stood at 19-19.

That sparked a wave of support for the home team, with thousands of fans travelling to the stadium to cheer on their team.

In fact, it was only a year later when Wimbo reached the semi-finals of the Australian Open, where it was beaten by the reigning Wimbo champion, the winner of the 1990 Sydney Open.


The semi-final: In 2000, the crowds made a similar surge, with a repeat of the 1998 semi- final, but this time with the home side winning the title by a margin of 6-3.

But in this semi-finale, it wasn’t just the home support that was loud.

There were plenty of home fans also in attendance, with most of them having never been to a Wimbo match before.

It was the home players who were able to make the most of their chances, and the fans could see it in their eyes that the home boys had achieved something special.


The title: The home side were back in the lead in the third game of the semi finals in the 2003 final, when Wimbos’ home crowd chanted the words of the anthem “It’s a Wonderful World”, and the result was a stunning win for the visitors.

However, things didn’t turn out as planned in the final. 

With the score tied at 19, the hosts took the lead with a beautiful backhand, and it would be up to the home defence to defend it.

The home players had made some big saves, but their defenders couldn’t quite get the best of them.

In the end, Wimbos keeper made a great save to save the title, but the home supporters still sang the anthem with the rest of the stadium in the background.


The return of the home-support: Wimbo has returned to the Wembley Stadium for a second time this year, with both sides in the semi final.

The first leg of the third-round match will be played on March 25.

The teams will then face each other in the quarter-finals, where the home fan support will be the biggest part of the event.


The grand final: The grand finals of the 2004 and 2007 Wimbo championships will take place at Wembley Stadium on March 30. 

This will be a rematch of the 2003 semi- finals, and will see the two sides battling for the title again.

The two teams will also meet in the last 16 of the 2006 Wimbo championship, where both sides will face each another.

The fourth-place teams will play the third and fourth-placed teams in the grand final.


The new stadium: The new Wembley Stadium has been built, complete with a new stadium, grandstands and seating for more than 400,000 people.

It will be situated on the site

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