Why are spines so rare?

When you think about it, the average spine is the same width as a human’s neck.

You can’t get one from your mom.

You could, but you’d probably have to pay for a $150,000 or $200,000 procedure to get it done.

And for people like Mike Bales, the only spine tattoo that truly fits his stature is his spine chart.

“I’m a pretty small guy, so I was kind of trying to figure out, ‘Okay, how do I get the tattoo on my spine,'” Bales said.

“And I found a website that had them and I was like, ‘Hey, I can get this.'”

The tattoo was a quick process, and the results were pretty impressive.

Bales had been tattooing for five years, but this was the first time he had ever received a tattoo on his spine.

“It’s kind of like a ‘Hello, I’m Mike Bale,’ and you know, I don’t have the best body language,” he said.

Bales’ tattoo, with its thin lines and the words “Hey, you’re a spinner,” was the product of the website Spinner Pizza.

“It’s a very simple tattoo, it’s very clean,” said Bales.

“I really love it.”

Spinner Pizza is a restaurant and tattoo studio in New York City that specializes in high-end tattooing.

They have a lot of different designs, including a “spin pizza” for $75,000, a “shinny” for only $12,000 and a “ballin’ back” for just $1,500.

The site is full of “spine charts,” with different colors and sizes for the spine.

Spinner pizzas are available at a wide variety of stores, including Best Buy, Walmart and Target.

Customers are able to purchase “spin pizzas” online and at a variety of tattoo shops.

There are different sizes of the spines that are available for different people.

For example, a small spine is $50 and a large spine for $100.

Bates is a regular customer at Spinner pizza, and he likes to go back for more tattoos.

He has several different designs on his body, and this time, he was able to get a few designs.

“There’s a lot that you can do, and I’ve been doing this for a long time,” he added.

“If you look back on it now, I’d have never done that, but I was really excited about it.”

As far as how long the spine tattoo will last, Bales believes the best thing to do is wait for it to heal.

“You never know what’s going to happen,” he explained.

“A lot of the times when I have a tattoo, the healing time is quite long.

It’s usually around three weeks, and sometimes it can be as long as six months.

It could be years.

It can be a year.

It may even be five or six years.”

It was a great experience for Bales to have his spine tattooed on the same day he got married in February.

“The whole wedding was just surreal, and to be able to be in the same room with my husband, to get the same tattoo on the exact same spot, it was pretty special,” he recalled.

“If I could give anything to the person who’s tattooing me, it would be to take care of themselves and their body, to take their health seriously, to make sure they feel good and to make them feel comfortable,” Bales added.

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