How to install Google Sync on MacOS 10.7.2 and 10.8.1

Google’s sync app has received a major update that will give you better performance and better stability in your Mac, as well as some bug fixes.

The update comes as part of Google’s ongoing migration of apps from its desktop OS to its new cloud-based service called Google Cloud Platform.

You can download the update for free from the Google app store.

Here are the biggest improvements in the update: The app now includes the latest updates from Google and its partners.

For instance, Google Cloud Storage now comes with 10.6.1.

Other updates include the ability to use Google Cloud Video in YouTube, the Google App Engine, and more.

For example, you can now run a web-based video player on a Mac running 10.5.4.

Google’s Sync app now offers the option to save a local copy of the app to the Finder.

This option will save the current local copy to your desktop for easier access.

This is a feature Google announced back in September when it first announced Google Cloud Sync.

The new Google Sync app also offers a better search experience.

Now you can search for apps by title, app icon, and icon title.

This new search experience is also available for apps that support search.

Google Sync now includes support for Apple Pay and Google Wallet.

You’ll also see a new version of Google Calendar that includes all the new features of Google Sync.

This update is available as an OS X 10.10.5 update.

You also get the latest fixes and security patches from Google.

Google also made the app available in the Mac App Store for free.

This will give people who already have the Google Sync software on their Mac a way to download it for free, if they wish.

The app has been available for free since the beginning of the year, but Google didn’t update the app with Google Cloud APIs for 10.9.4, so it is now available for people who have already downloaded it.

Google says it is working on a free update for Mac users.

The free version will be available this week for 10,000 users.

You may have to download the app manually to update.

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